My Idea For a Yugioh Video Game

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My Idea For a Yugioh Video Game

Mensagem por dracofu em Sex 16 Set 2011, 17:17

Yugioh video games are relatively fun; in the old Yugioh World
Championship games, all you’d do is duel and collect cards, solve tough
duel puzzles, etc… After the release of Yugioh Stardust Accelerator and
Reverse of Arcadia, players actually followed a specific storyline and
could even duel in duel runners! The game, Yugioh 5Ds Wheelie Breakers
is a very fun racing game that utilizes monsters/spells/traps
as ways of slowing down your opponent(s), similar to Mario Kart. Now,
what if there was a Yugioh video game that combined the racing aspects
of Wheelie Breakers, the RPG aspects of Yugioh Stardust
Acceleration/Reverse of Arcadia, and merged it into an epic 3D game for
the three major consoles? I bet it would be the greatest Yugioh game
ever created.

This game (I would want it to be named Yugioh: Duelists Origins)
would follow an alternate Yugioh storyline that starts after the Dark
Signers are defeated. The main player lives in an alleyway in New Domino
City as a renown technician throughout the black market. Yusei and
co. are introduced to the player through Rally in order to upgrade their
duel runners and the player is welcomed to their group. There would be
some filler missions here and there but the main storyline would be
about (illegal) Â underground duel racing and how a group of mobsters
challenge Yusei and co. and the player in duel races. Soon, the hobby
spirals out of the control and Yusei and co. and the player have to
fight the mobsters for their lives.

Duelist Origins would be like Assassin’s Creed/Grand Theft Auto minus
the violence and other suggestive themes. You would be able to create
an avatar and follow a set storyline. However, players can upgrade their
duel runners by going into various shops in New Domino City (each shop
sells and upgrades different parts), obtain new cards by winning local
tournaments, make money by doing missions for commoners or by partaking
in duel races, and enter super-stardom by winning big tournaments. The
best part is that all the while, players would be able to roam (yes,
even ride their duel runners) freely around New Domino City! And if the
player is causing too much havoc, a duel race occurs between Trudge and
the player occurs. Trudge’s difficulty increases after each encounter
and if the player loses, they have to give Trudge half of their savings.

This game is too good to be true, but if something like this did come
into the market, I’d be the first person to buy it. As much as I love
the Yugioh games that are already out, they get boring since all you do
is duel! If you are familiar with the Naruto series, the early Naruto
games were just about fighting, but once games such as Naruto Rise of
the Ninja and Naruto Ultimate Ninja came out, players could enjoy
fighting people and roaming around Konoha. As a result, the Naruto
franchise’s sales rose immensely.

Do you guys like Yugioh: Duelist Origins? What are some of your ideas for a new Yugioh game?


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