End of Yugioh 5Ds Marks the Start of Yugioh Zexal

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End of Yugioh 5Ds Marks the Start of Yugioh Zexal

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154 of Yugioh 5Ds marked the last 5Ds episode and it was possibly one
of the best episodes of the series. In episode 154, also known as
Shining Forth to the Future, the main characters all part ways and it
shows how they are all doing in the future. It emphasizes friendship and
bondage so it was a very sentimental yet feel-good episode. Now that
Yugioh 5Ds is over, Konami is making a new series, Yugio Zexal. The
first episode was released a few days ago and to tell you the truth, it
didn’t look very good.

Yugioh Zexal revolves around a boy named Yuma who unlocks some sort
of spirit from his dream world that helps him duel, similar to Yubel who
later acts as an aid to Jaden. The show also introduces a new type of
monsters known as exceed monsters; all of them are pretty easy to summon
and some of them have stellar effects. Despite this introduction, Zexal
looks pretty boring and the storyline is kind of repeating that of
Yugioh and Yugioh 5Ds, where the duelists duel with some sort of spirit.

Though IÂ criticized Yugioh 5Ds, which I enjoyed later or, when it
was released, Yugioh Zexal just looks stupid. The characters look very
hollow and there doesn’t seem to be an intense rivalry. Yes, there is a
boy named Shark that Yuma forms a rivalry with but it just doesn’t seem
nearly as intense as the rivalry between Yugi-Kaiba, Jaden-Zane, or


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