Revisiting Mind Crush

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Revisiting Mind Crush

Mensagem por dracofu em Dom 04 Mar 2012, 16:00

With Mind Crush back at two, and more popular than before, it is
inevitable that Mind Crush would become a common problem for judges.

Following up on an old post about Mind Crush,
a new problem arises when it comes down to your opponent having to
reveal their hand – how long should the duration of the reveal be?

OCG Ruling

Q: Can a Judge verify for the presence of the declared card?
A: No, when the presence of the declared card is unclear, the opponent
is required to make all his hand public for verification. (18th August

Source: 《マインドクラッシュ》 -遊戯王カードWiki

The significance of this ruling is the usage of the words 全て公開し and 手札を確認.

全て公開し – The literal translation of this phrase reads “to make all
public”, meaning that the cards are to be made public knowledge.

手札を確認 – The literal translation of this phrase reads “verification of
hand”. “確認” is an official term for verification; revealing is implied.
This term can be found on cards like Trap Dustshoot and Crush Card

If the maximum legally allowed number of copies of the declared card
cannot be verified as public knowledge, your opponent is required to
reveal his hand for you to verify (a judge may not verify in place of
you). The duration of the reveal should be similar to Trap Dustshoot and
Crush Card Virus – enough to recognize each card.


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