I'm sure most of you have heard...

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I'm sure most of you have heard...

Mensagem por dracofu em Dom 22 Jan 2012, 01:33

I'm sure most of you have heard...

Kevin recently announced that for the TCG, Exceed Material Monsters are
considered to be on the field. Consequently, when the Exceed Monster
dies, the material are sent from the field to the graveyard. This means
that Tengu, Sangan and other similar cards get their effects...

This is going to cause so many problems for the TCG that I can't even begin to comprehend.

Tour Guide, summon Sangan, exceed into Levaiel, revive one of your
RFP'd monsters and search your deck? I'm sensing DWs being very powerful
in the near future.

the plus side, Sangan might finally get banned. It's about time really.
That furry b****** has been searching problem cards for years.

On a
somewhat related note, I've been testing Number 39: Utopia in Infernity
with Mind Control mained. I keep forgetting that I can turn dead
Stygians or Archfiends into a semi-useful monster. I'm sure I'll get
used to it eventually. Roach will probably take its place once GENF is
released (provided I can secure a trade). I'll do an updated deck list
depending on the results I get from the Infernoless build.

This was just a short update-ish post, so I'll end it at that. Oh how I envy the OCG at times. -.-


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