Evolkaiser Ragia is the nuts. 0.o

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Evolkaiser Ragia is the nuts. 0.o

Mensagem por dracofu em Qui 19 Jan 2012, 23:22

Evolkaiser Ragia is the nuts. 0.o

Photon Shockwave gives us this thing.

Evolkaiser Ragia
Rank 4/FIRE
2x Level 4 Dinosaur-Type monsters
Activate by detaching one of this card's Xyz Material Monsters.
Negate the activation of a Spell or Trap card OR the Normal Summon or
Special Summon of a monster and destroy it.

ATK 2400 DEF 2000

Well, it's Solemn Judgment with legs.

That's probably the most versatile way to summon it. Splash 2 or 3
Hydrogeddons into your deck and you have your very own Legendary Six
Samurai - Shi En that also negates summons. Better yet, it isn't once
per turn, so it can take on different cards at the same time.

It has the same ruling as Steelswarm Roach and Thunder King Rai-Oh, so
no negating Battle Fader or Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness.

This thing sits quite happily in a Jurrac deck. Guiba and Hydrogeddon make summoning this thing a breeze.

The scary thing is that Evolkaiser Ragia is part of an archetype.
Competitive dinos for the first time ever methinks. The other cards
haven't had their effects confirmed, they are called Evold Odokeris and
Evoldar Urukandon.


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