Snipe Hunter?

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Snipe Hunter?

Mensagem por dracofu em Ter 17 Jan 2012, 01:23

Snipe Hunter?

I was playing one of my internet
buddies via Dueling Network and he was using an Ojamachinegun deck vs.
my Shi En says "yo" deck. Naturally, I had a massive advantage over him
and won 2-0, but his deck really got me thinking about our little friend
Snipe Hunter. This thing used to be a real bad boy in its time, almost
like a mini Tribe-Infecting Virus. It got limited for a long time and
only left the ban list a while ago. If you're not familiar with this
card, here are some stats.

Snipe Hunter
✪✪✪✪ DARK
Fiend / Effect
can discard 1 card to select 1 card on the field and roll a six-sided
die. If the result is not 1 or 6, destroy the selected card.
ATK 1500 DEF 600

Relatively straightforward, discard a card and have a 2 in 3
chance of destroying a card. Whilst gambling based cards are notorious
for their inconsistencies, this guy has a few things going for him.

Firstly, this guy is supported by some pretty powerful
rulings. Because the destruction is not guaranteed, cards that respond
to destruction effects cannot be used in response to this card. That
means Stardust Dragon and Shooting Star Dragon can't do anything against
this guy. Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En just has to sit there and and
have a chance of being destroyed whilst Magatama just sits there unable
to respond.

Secondly, this card hits absolutely anything. It doesn't care
what you discard and it doesn't care what you choose to destroy. That
means if you have trouble with GKs, this card could really ease the
match up. Necrovalley's life expectancy can become really short if the
GK player fails to deal with Snipe Hunter quickly enough.

Thirdly, this card is amazing bait for Solemn Warning. Solemn
Warning kills a monster before it has a chance to use its effect, so if
this guy gets warning'd, your hand will remain in tact. This guy can
have trouble if he runs into a BTH after targeting it, so just make sure
you're careful about how you use it.

Some people may be deterred by the fact this card is luck
based, however, it is a 2/3 chance (or 66.6% if you prefer), so the odds
of this guy working are in your favor by a relatively good amount. Most
of the time you'll be discarding dead cards, or better yet, cards you
want in the graveyard like Spore and Glow-Up Bulb. This card is also
DARK attribute, meaning it's food for Allure of Darkness, Chaos Sorcerer
and Dark Armed Dragon.

His body is a bit paltry, however most decks don't run that
many monsters with over 1500 ATK anyway. Tengu can cause this guy
irritations in TCG Land, but to be fair there is no practical solution
to that card bar Solemn. Grandmaster is also an irritation, but a lot of
Samurai decks only run 1 copy, so it shouldn't be too much of a

This card certainly has home in a few decks. Plants,
Lightsworn, Zombies and possibly even Infernity could make really good
use of this card. Anything that gets dead hands or needs to get anything
out of its hand basically.

I think this little guy has a lot of potential. Tell me what you think.


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