Number 39: Utopia

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Number 39: Utopia

Mensagem por dracofu em Sex 22 Jul 2011, 22:13

Number 39: Utopia is a simple card with incredible
power. It’s a Rank 4 Xyz Monster that has 2500 ATK and the ability to
negate enemy attacks. It’s also a cinch to Summon and easy to get.

Every Duelist has experienced a time when he had lots of monsters on
the field, but couldn’t overcome an opponent’s stronger monster. That
Duelist used to have to just sit idly by and watch as his monsters get
picked off one at a time by his opponent’s behemoth.
For example, let’s say you have Yellow Gadget, Red Gadget, and Green Gadget on the field, and your opponent managed to Summon Stardust Dragon. Alone, none of your monsters can destroy Stardust Dragon. Without Xyz Monsters, you’re forced to watch as Stardust Dragon takes down one of your monsters each turn.
But finally, thanks to the power of the Xyz Monsters and Number 39: Utopia, your low-Level monsters can team up and take down stronger foes.
Number 39: Utopia can be Summoned by combining any 2
Level 4 monsters. Those 2 monsters become Xyz Materials that fuel
Utopia’s effect. Utopia strikes the field with 2500 ATK, immediately
strong enough to clash with Stardust Dragon. But if an opponent has an even stronger monster on the field, Utopia can still hold its own.
By detaching an Xyz Material from Utopia, you can negate any attack
that is declared. This means that if your opponent has a monster on the
field that’s stronger than Utopia, Utopia can stall your opponent until
you draw a card that will destroy your opponent’s monster. Utopia is the
product of 2 Level 4 monsters, so it can negate 2 attacks with its
But don’t negate attacks too carelessly! If Utopia is attacked while
it doesn’t have any Xyz Materials left, it’ll automatically be
Note that you can negate your own attacks with Utopia, too. You won’t usually
want to, since you’re the one declaring the attack, but sometimes this
option can come in handy. For example, if you attack a 2800 ATK Light and Darkness Dragon with Utopia, you can use Utopia’s effect to try to negate your own attack. Then Light and Darkness Dragon will give up 500 ATK and DEF to negate Utopia’s effect, and Utopia’s attack will go through against a 2300 ATK Light and Darkness Dragon, destroying it in battle.
Utopia is one of the first Xyz Monsters available in the Yu-Gi-Oh!
TRADING CARD GAME, and has a power that will make it popular even after
more Xyz Monsters are released. You can get your copy of Number 39: Utopia, along with 2 more Xyz Monsters and some cards to help you Xyz Summon, in Starter Deck: Dawn of the Xyz.


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