Diary Duelist Update #3

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Diary Duelist Update #3

Mensagem por dracofu em Qua 18 Jul 2012, 17:34

We already know who the winners of the first ever
European Dragon Duel Championship are and the Top 32 of the European
Championship will be underway shortly. Time for one last update of our
Diary Duelists this weekend!

Luke had yet to lose a match!

Last time I checked with Jake, he was still undefeated! He’s about to
play in the Top 32 and everything continues to play out his way so far.
You were able to follow his performance during round 9 in the Feature Match, so you’ll probably know all about it already.

In the final round in the Swiss portion, he went up against the only
other undefeated player in the tournament, beating him with ease. Jake
told me that his opponent simply did not draw the cards he needed.

A Chaos Dragon opponent followed in the Top 64 match and after Jake took
the first game after it went back and forth for ages. The second game
didn’t take that long thanks to Future Fusion that his opponent had in his opening 6. The third game, Jake used Dimensional Fissure to make sure he unleash the best plays of the Wind-Ups on the very first turn and preventing his opponent from using Effect Veiler. This helped him to claim the win.

Paolo might now try to win some Public Events!

Paolo felt well-rested and thought he could go all the way today.
Unfortunately, his dreams got crushed in round 9 already. He won the
first game, but couldn’t quite find a way out when his opponent started
strong in the second game. He didn’t give up just then, but the third
game also didn’t go his way and he eventually lost. He dropped from the
Main Event right after.

Asked if he would now try his luck in the Public Events, he told me that
he might play 1, but it doesn’t seem too likely at the moment. He first
had to recover as he really expected to still make it and advance to
the Top 64. Well, you can’t win them all, sometimes things just don’t go
your way.

Unfortunately, being so caught up between Feature Matches of the Dragon
Duel and the Main Event, we couldn’t get our hands on Besnik and Jaka
once more. We hope you still enjoyed watching the progress of these 4
Duelists this weekend!


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