Why play Sealed?

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Why play Sealed?

Mensagem por dracofu em Seg 21 Maio 2012, 20:44

Why play Sealed?

Next week, the official release of Battle Pack: Epic Dawn
will bring serious Sealed Play to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, for
the first time ever. By now you’ve already seen all the great stuff
packed into Epic Dawn, and you know how the set was built. But you might still have one big question left: why play Sealed?

The first reason to give Sealed Play a shot is that it’s a totally new form of Dueling, and it’s a ton of fun. Battle Pack
Sealed captures a lot of the things you love about Dueling and
intensifies and enhances them in new ways. It’s a format packed with
huge comebacks, skillful combos, and crazy surprises. The first time
you play Battle Pack Sealed you’re going to be shocked
at how good certain cards are: monsters that you would never think
twice about in the Advanced Format, are suddenly really useful. You
wind up thinking in new ways: it challenges you to get creative, dig for
options, and test skills that you didn’t even know you had. There’s a
lot of really cool stuff going on.

But just as important as the stuff that IS going on, is the stuff
that’s not! Tired of Decks that regularly Special Summon 6 times over
the first 2 turns, or search their Deck 4 or mroe times every turn?
Good news: they don’t exist in Battle Pack Sealed. Do you
prefer longer, more epic Duels that let you push yourself to the limit,
even in the face of adversity? Excellent, Sealed is for you. In fact,
most Sealed games last long enough that even if you open with a weak
hand, you’ll have enough time to draw through your Deck a bit and put
together a winning game-plan that’ll turn things around… if you’re good enough to pull it off.

Defense Position monsters actually matter, and you’ll find yourself
setting way more monsters than you would in Advanced. High-Level
monsters are extremely good, and some of your best moves will be Tribute
Summons. Few games feel like a race to the finish line: most Duels
wind up being a back-and-forth battle of wits that come down to the last
card. Win or lose, you never really feel like you just got unlucky.

But let’s step back a bit. Another great thing about Sealed Play is that it levels the playing field.
When you crack your packs and build your Deck, it doesn’t matter who’s
got the biggest collection or the thickest trade binders: everybody has
fifty cards to work
with, and that’s it. For new Duelists, or players on a budget, Sealed
play is a huge equalizer. Strategy, tactics, and fast thinking are what
matter most.

In fact, with lots of popular, previously hard-to-find cards like Tour Guide from the Underworld, Fiendish Chain, Forbidden Lance, and Forbidden Chalice in Epic Dawn,
playing Sealed is a great way to build up your collection and nab some
useful cards for your Advanced Format Decks. And you get to do it while
competing on an equal level. In fact, if you’re going to pick up some Epic Dawn just to get at the awesome cards, there’s no reason not to play Sealed. You’ve got the packs, so make sure to use them!

Another great thing about Sealed is that it’s different every time
you play. If you like going up against lots of different Decks, or
you’re tired of seeing the same players playing the same stuff at your
tournaments, Battle Pack Sealed is what you’ve been waiting
for. With 220 cards in the set, and each Duelist building with ten
packs, every Sealed tournament you play is going to be different. That
isn’t just more fun – it also forces you to adapt; to expect the
unexpected; and to make your decisions carefully. Playing Battle Pack Sealed will make you a better Duelist.

…Oh, and did we mention the prizes? There are twenty new Starfoil Battle Pack Prize Cards that you can only get for playing in Battle Pack Sealed events! If you missed the list, check it out here.

Battle Pack Sealed is a totally new take on the game. It’s
fresh and fun, but it’s also packed with new challenges, and it’ll help
you grow your Dueling skills. It’s really easy to pick up, but it’s
tough to master: after your first Sealed experience you’ll probably feel
like you’ve got about 80% of the Format down pat. But it’s that last
20% where business really picks up, and things get truly awesome.

Grab some Battle Packs, call up a couple friends, and see
for yourself: this is the biggest thing to happen to the Yu-Gi-Oh!
TRADING CARD GAME in years. Don’t miss out.


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