Legend of the Six Samurai: The Rise of Shien

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Legend of the Six Samurai: The Rise of Shien

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With the introduction of the Legendary Six Samurai in Storm of
Ragnarok, Konami has unveiled another side of the Six Samurai, creating
one of the most intriguing stories in Yu-Gi-Oh! Through the compilation
of the various Six Samurai cards, I will try to piece together the story
of the Six Samurai.

Do note that the following are merely speculation and are in no way
canon. The official story will probably be revealed in Master Guide 3.

Disclaimer: The story is based off Sengoku period Japan, and as such, I do not take any credit for it.

Residence of the Six
(Castle of Mist in the far right)
Modeled after Nagoya Castle

Set in the Sengoku (Warring States) period, the story tells of a
young man, Shien, and his ambitions to unify and rule Feudal Japan. The
story begins with the death of Shien’s father while Shien was still a
teenage. Despite being the legitimate successor to the clan, Shien’s
young age and brash attitude made him unpopular with the clan retainers.
Shien’s uncle took this chance to seize control of the clan, taking the
Castle of Mist for himself. Meanwhile, Shien was left with a small
residence at the outskirts of the castle.

Legendary Six Samurai - Shien
Modeled after Oda Nobunaga

However, Shien was cunning and resourceful. Bidding his time, he
carefully plot out a plan to overthrow his uncle, a plan to regain his
rights to the power of the clan. To increase his current power, he had
to recruit more Samurai to join his side. This group of Samurai would
eventually be known as the Legendary Six Samurai.

Legendary Six Samurai - Enishi
Modeled after Oda Nobumitsu

First to join the Legendary Six Samurai was Enishi – Shien’s younger
uncle. Loyal and faithful, Enishi quickly rose in rank and became
Shien’s right-hand man. Enishi can be often seen with Shien, acting as
both his personal bodyguard as well as adviser.

Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan
Modeled after Oda Nobuyuki

Shien’s soft-spoken and well-mannered younger brother, Kizan, was
more popular with the clan retainers, and was favored to take over the
clan. However, in terms of skills, Kizan was still lacking compared to

Legendary Six Samurai - Kageki
Modeled after Hayashi Hidesada

Kageki originally served under Shien’s father, as Shien’s guardian.
After the death of Shien’s father, he continued to serve under Shien.
However, as Shien’s behavior was getting more and more erratic, Kageki
secretly supported Kizan as the successor to the clan.

Legendary Six Samurai - Shinai
Modeled after Azai Nagamasa

Shinai was formerly a rival of Shien, until Shien married off his
sister, Mizuho, to him in order to promote alliance between the two
clans. The marriage prompted Shinai to join the Legendary Six Samurai.

Legendary Six Samurai - Mizuho
Modeled after Oichi

The younger sister of Shien, Mizuho was equally renowned for both her
beauty and her resolve. She is married to fellow Legendary Six Samurai –

Shien's Castle of Mist
Modeled after Kiyosu Castle

Using the Residence of Six as their base of operation, Shien was able
to gather information regarding the Castle of Mist. Meticulous in his
planning, Shien waited patiently for a weakness in the defense of the
Castle. Alas, his patience paid off as the day had finally arrived.
Using smoke signal to gather the rest of the Legendary Six Samurai,
Shien launched an attack against his uncle. The Legendary Six Samurai
was successful in the recapture of the Castle of Mist, re-instilling
Shien as the successor of the clan. The Castle of Mist would then come
to be the main base of operation for Shien.

Gozen Match
Showdown between Kizan and Enishi

As Shien’s ambitions continues to grow, the clan was slowly growing
apart, with supporters split between Shien and Kizan. It was inevitable
that the Legendary Six Samurai would fall apart. Together with Kageki,
Kizan launched a rebellion against Shien, asserting his rights to the
succession of the clan. The coup d’etat was going well for Kizan, as he
broke into the throne hall of Shien’s Castle of Mist. Kizan went
straight for Shien, but was swiftly intercepted by Enishi, while Shien
sat comfortably on his throne. A fierce battle ensured and Kizan fought
most valiantly, but Enishi was superior in both skills and strength.
Enishi’s sword found an opening in Kizan’s defense and slashed Kizan in
his right eye. Kizan fell to his knees in pain. The match was over.
Showing mercy to both of them after an intervention from their mother,
Shien banished both Kizan and Kageki from his domain castle.

Asceticism of the Six Samurai
Mizuho mourning the death of her husband - Shinai

Following the unification of his clan, Shien begun on his conquest of
Feudal Japan, starting with his neighboring clans. When Shien waged war
with an ancient ally of Shinai, Shinai initially remained neutral in
the war. However, he eventually chose to honor his ancient alliance, and
went against his brother-in-law, Shien. This betrayal caused Shien to
retreat momentarily, before changing course to attack Shinai’s domain.
Having superior numbers, Shien’s army stormed through Shinai’s domain.
Sensing that defeat was inevitable, Shinai sent Mizuho back to her
brother, before commiting seppuku.

In the years to come, Shien was able to seize control of the majority
of domains in Feudal Japan. At the height of his power, Shien gave
himself the title of Great Shogun Shien, while Enishi would become his
chancellor. Shien’s brutal conquest had left many commoners in despair,
their lives destroyed by the war. Just as all hope seems lost, a new Six
rose to the challenge.

To be continued in Legend of the Six Samurai: Return of the Six.


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