Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Qualifier 2011 Asian Edition

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Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Qualifier 2011 Asian Edition

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Unlike the North American Championship or the European Championship, the Asian Championship is not a qualifier for the World Championship.

Asian countries under Konami Asia, namely Hong Kong, Malaysia,
Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, will host
their own World Championship Qualifiers and the champion of each
qualifier earns an invite to the World Championship. Here are the
results of the seven World Championship Qualifiers 2011 held over the
previous two weeks.

The Asian Format is enforced in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines,
Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand (only legally distributed cards are
allowed, as mentioned in Card Legality). Structure Deck 21: Gates of the Underworld is disallowed in Singapore and Philippines.
South Korea follows their own format which consists of only Korean cards in the card pool.

Hong Kong
1st: Liu Hoi Ki “海狗” [Dark World]
2nd: Au Man Lai [T.G.]
3rd: Chan Wan Hang “Nat Chan” [Agent Fairy]
4th: Wong Chak Chun “甘” [Gladiator Beast]

    Hong Kong WCQ 2011 Finals Video:
    Liu Hoi Ki [Dark World] vs Au Man Lai [T.G.]
    Game 1 | Game 2

1st: Kee Kian Sim “Sam” [Agent Fairy]
2nd: Yap Wei Keong “Michael” [Agent Fairy]
3rd: Alex Yeo Gan Jie [Agent Fairy]
4th: Teng Wan Choon “Mango” [Debris Junk Doppel]

1st: William Sy “Wslasher” [Six Samurai]
2nd: Vincent Lim [Agent Fairy]
3rd: Cristian Discipulo [Graveyard Blackwing]
4th: Airjan Mendoza [Agent Herald]

1st: Daniel Ang [Graveyard Blackwing]
2nd: Kaven Sue [Ultimate Offering Gadget]
3rd: Anders Koh “DSummon” [Machina Karakuri]
4th: William Oh [Machina Gadget]

    Singapore WCQ 2011 Finals Video:
    Daniel Ang [Graveyard Blackwing] vs Kaven Sue [Ultimate Offering Gadget]
    Game 1 | Game 2 | Game 3

South Korea
1st: Yang Young-Duk [Six Samurai]
2nd: Kim Geun-Su [Gladiator Beast]
3rd: Song Sung-Uk [Debris Junk Doppel]
4th: Choi Han-Sol [Graveyard Blackwing]

1st: She Wei Hao “南神抽” [Six Samurai]
2nd: Chao Guang Jun [Hamster Fairy]
3rd: Zhang Wen Hao [Debris Dandy]
4th: “路人” [Lightsworn]

    Taiwan WCQ 2011 Finals Video:
    She Wei Hao [Six Samurai] vs Chao Guang Jun [Hamster Fairy]
    Game 1 Part 1 / Part 2 | Game 2 | Game 3
    (Too far to view the actual gameplay. Chinese Commentary.)

1st: Pahnupak Kungjaroen “Foil” [Machina Gadget]
2nd: Kantarat Kerophol “Pik”
3rd: Somsira Vanprapa “The Doy”
4th: Suttinan Sangudom “Mix” [Dark World]

    Thailand WCQ 2011 Finals Video:
    Pahnupak Kungjaroen [Machina Gadget] vs Suttinan Sangudom [Dark World]
    Game 1 | Game 2

For the full list of invitees to the World Championship 2011: Road of the King.


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