Vylons - The fruits of my tinkering

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Vylons - The fruits of my tinkering

Mensagem por dracofu em Dom 15 Jan 2012, 21:22

Vylons - The fruits of my tinkering

there fellow members of the blogosphere. I actually thought I'd make a
somewhat valuable post today *fake cheers in the background*. I have yet
to experiment with the DT12 stuff, but my build is rather stable as
Vylons go. The basic principle is to try and kill your opponent before
they do the same to you. It's not Samurai caliber, but it's good fun as a
tier 2 or 3 deck.

Enough chitchat, on with my build.

Monsters [14]
[3] Shining Angel
[2] Vylon Hapt
[3] Vylon Prism
[3] Vylon Stella
[3] Vylon Vanguard

Spells [23]
[3] Axe of Despair
[3] Mage Power
[1] Monster Reborn
[2] Mystical Space Typhoon
[3] Pot of Duality
[2] Release Restraint Wave
[3] Vylon Component
[3] Vylon Material
[3] Vylon Matter

Traps [3]
[3] Royal Decree

The extra deck is mostly generic save for some of the key synchros like Vylon Sigma and Vylon Epsilon.

I chose Stella over Cube because I found that Cube's tiny stats could be
a huge hinderance, making it rather hard to boost. I also dropped Dark
Hole, finding that most of the time it was dead, especially considering
that I don't want to blow up b 7000 ATK monsters.

Release Restraint Wave is amazing in here. The Vylon equips replace
themselves, meaning that this card is always a one for one or a plus one
or more. This build lacks swarm potential, it compensates by
transferring all the assets to Vanguard. When Vanguard dies. you'll plus
immensely, allowing you to continue your onslaught and end the game
next turn.

I hope you all enjoyed this little deck profile. I'll make another one
once I get to test the DT12 stuff. I may also make some other pre-DT12
deck lists while I'm at it.


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