I loathe this card

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I loathe this card

Mensagem por dracofu em Sab 14 Jan 2012, 14:48

I loathe this card

"Infernity Inferno"
This card has caused me a
lot of grief since the start of last format. It's inconsistent,
inactive and generally poor as far as cards go. It's extremely fast,
don't get me wrong, but in all honesty, that's its only merit.

I'll go into why this card has
caused my trouble. Firstly, it's a trap (no obscure internet reference
intended). That means it's very easy to stop. Fortunately, all discards
from this card are done by effect, so you don't waste resources by
activating it. Secondly, you need to discard. Novice Infernity players
would think that it good to discard. That, however, is fatally wrong and
leads to burned resources.

Back in March 09 format, we had 3
copies of "Infernity Launcher" at our disposal. If we opened with both
cards, the chances are we would win. That, however, is no longer the
case. The loop takes much longer to assemble, sufficed to say that the
loop is the primary goal, which may not necessarily be the case anymore.
Consequently, "Infernity Inferno" will probably sit in the back row
idle for most of the game. That idle Inferno could be a powerful spell
or trap card like "Solemn Warning" or "Forbidden Lance".

Moreover, it's a terrible topdeck.
At least the two aforementioned cards could help bide time, Inferno will
just sit their doing nothing. I've played matches where I've opened
with two or three copies of Inferno. Consequently, I was unable to
reinforce my back row properly and my matches were a lot more difficult.

As you can see, I'm not a huge fan
of this card. The OCG is a different story, but I really do hate this
card in TCG builds and I will be omitting it for the next few months for
testing purposes.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts on this topic.


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