Vala-Infernity: Kicking the meta in the face

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Vala-Infernity: Kicking the meta in the face

Mensagem por dracofu em Sab 14 Jan 2012, 14:41

Vala-Infernity: Kicking the meta in the face

"Infernity Archfiend"
Hello, ladies and gentlemen. After a deep analysis of
the YCS Charlotte results and taking a deeper look into the metagame, I
thought it would be a good time to update my Infernity deck accordingly.

For those of you who did not see the previous post, it can be found here.

Here is a quick recap of my previous build.

Previous Deck List
My build is and was pretty stable. It would take a lot
to shake its foundations once the field was set up. I did encounter a
few problems, however. First and foremost, I finally got to play against
and with Samurais (albeit not with Infernity). From these matches, I
found that the following cards could be problematic for me.

  • Gateway of the Six: This was fairly obvious from the get
    go. The capacity to plus exponentially is frightening. Fortunately, the
    card is now limited. I did need counters for its inevitable plays
  • Six Samurai United: This is pivotal in Samurais. Without it,
    their well of advantage ceases to expand. Though it is not something I
    would normally do, I decided I needed a counter for this card.
  • Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En: This is the source of my
    trouble against Samurais. The ability for them to go unstopped is a
    frightening prospect, more so when backed by Magatama Musakani.
I also got the opportunity to tinker with Gravekeeper's. From playing them, the following cards appear to be trouble for me.

  • Necrovalley: Once
    again, this is fairly obvious and is something I took into
    consideration quite some time ago. It shuts down the Graveyard. Clearly,
    this is a problem because my deck runs 11 or so cards which will be
    shut down by Valley alone.
  • Royal Oppression: This is more of a problem for me than Solemn Warning. Fortunately, I have counters for both.
  • Gravekeeper's Descendant: I'm sure most of you know this can
    cause a lot of damage. Left unchecked, it could become problematic,
    potentially draining my assets. Fortunately, Barrier +1s against
    Descendant and it becomes easy to walk over once Valley is gone.
After thinking about it, it became apparent that continuous
spells and traps were the cause of most of my grief. I also noticed
Traps (save for the obvious ones) were becoming more and more scarce by
the minute. This is what I came up with.

New Deck List
My changes are almost unnoticeable. This is
intentional as I didn't want to tamper with the ebb and flow of the
deck. I dropped Trap Stun, something I was reluctant to do. It's amazing
against lower tier decks. However, with most threats coming from the
upper tier decks, it would be foolish to include them any further. What I
included instead was a second Mystical Space Typhoon and a Dust

Whilst the change may seem simple on the exterior, the amount
of decision making that went behind it is mind boggling. What the
change has managed to do is ease the danger of 5 of the 6 most dangerous
meta cards to this deck. Whilst I have yet to find a practical main
deck solution to Shi En, I have ridden GKs of most of their power and
Samurais of their primary engine.

I am now siding the two other Trap Stuns. As aforementioned,
it excels against any lower tier decks, totally ridding them of most of
their defenses. Hence why I keep it at my disposal.

Whilst making the changes, I noticed how tight for space I
am. In an ideal world, I'd like to make room for another Solemn Warning
and a second Dust Tornado. Space constraints currently prohibit me from
doing so. Current candidates for loss are Archfiend's Roar (despite how
phenomenal it is) and Book of Moon (once again, the card is amazing).
This will take a lot of thinking.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I went into enough depth on this topic. Please leave any comments or questions below.


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