Exceed Monsters: Confirmed Card

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Exceed Monsters: Confirmed Card

Mensagem por dracofu em Qui 12 Jan 2012, 17:26

"No. 39, Aspiring Emperor Hope"
Rank 4 LIGHT
Warrior / Exceed / Effect
2 Level 4 monsters
a monster declares an attack, you can remove 1 Overlay Unit from play
to negate the attack. If this card is selected as an attack target while
it has no Overlay Units, destroy this card.
ATK 2500 DEF 2000

As mentioned in my previous
post, Exceed Monsters do not have Levels, instead they posses a Rank.
Roughly speaking, 1 Rank is worth approximately 2 Levels by normal
monster standards. They also posses a very nice black coloration. Their
layout reminds me a lot of the unreleased Dark Synchro Monsters (mainly
due to the positioning of the Rank and the coloration).

I am not certain if ranks are
treated the same as levels. For example, could one use an Exceed Monster
as a Synchro Material Monster? How would "Gravity Bind" affect an
Exceed Monster? Konami will need to release some rulings before we all
get a headache. >.<

Anywho, on to the monster itself.
"No. 39, Aspiring Emperor Hope" reminds me a lot of Synchro Monsters
when they debuted, in the fact that they were much easier to summon than
their predecessor. The big difference is that Synchro monsters didn't
have much support when they were released in the Started Deck, so they
saw little initial play. The same is not true for Exceed monsters. "No.
39, Aspiring Emperor Hope" will most likely see immediate play due to
the sheer ease of summoning.

Most decks will be able to produce
No. 39 with a lot of ease, so if you aren't currently using a dedicated
Extra Deck, there is no reason not to use this guy. Dedicated Extra
Decks may also incorporate this card as it does not require anything
specific. No tuners or an equivalent, just some basic monsters.

That's it for my thoughts concerning Exceed Monsters. Here's a quick glossary of terminology:

Exceed Monster A category of
monster that has a black background. They do not posses levels, but
have Ranks instead. They are located in the Extra Deck.

Exceed Summon The process of
Special Summoning an Exceed Monster from your Extra Deck. This is done
by overlaying the summoned monster over the Exceed Material (all in one
Monster Card Zone).

Exceed Material The monsters
that are used in order to Exceed Summon an Exceed Monster. These
monsters are not sent to the Graveyard, they are overlaid by the
summoned monster.

Overlay Unit This is what an Exceed Material monster becomes after it has been used to summon an Exceed Monster.

Rank The Exceed Monster equivalent to a level. 1 Rank is 2 Levels in normal monster terms.

I will continue to update this blog with information once more is released. Please leave a comment below. =)


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