2011 Spring Ban List

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2011 Spring Ban List

Mensagem por dracofu em Qui 12 Jan 2012, 17:24

With the Japanese ban list released, we now await our TCG counter part. Let us give an overview to the OCG list.

Goyo Guardian
Cold Wave
Mass Driver

Starting with the Restricted List, we see
that Goyo has unexpectedly been banned. This is not a terrible thing.
The card was extremely powerful and in all honesty deserved a ban. 2800
ATK with a theft ability, broken on my watch. This gives cards like Gaia
(who now has the highest attack of the level six Synchros), and
Flamvell Urquizas a chance to be used. While making Brionac even more
relevant to the meta.

Next is Cold Wave. In my opinion
this was a great move. Cold Wave is a OTK enabler and I despise fast
games. Backrow based decks should not be punished for being so. This
evens out the game for Control decks.

The final ban is Mass Driver.
Finally this card is gone. F/OTK enabler right here. It get rids of all
future problems for any infinite loop. Thank you, Konami.

Blackwing - Kalut the Moon Shadow
Book of Moon
Gateway of the Six

First up to be Limited is Honest. Over
powered card that needed to be at one from the start. The ability to run
over anything that gets in your way is too much.

Dandylion takes a hit and I’m glad
that it wasn’t Debris Dragon or Black Rose Dragon. This Limit allows the
deck type to live on, albeit with a power drop.

Kalut is the same reasoning behind Honest. While not as powerful as Honest, he still provides too large of a boost.
of Moon is kind of unexpected to be Limited by me. It is a powerful
card and incredibly versatile. People will find a replacement fast, so
I’m not worried. I use Enemy Controller in my Monarchs, so it doesn’t
really affect me too much anyway.

The last Limit is Gateway of the
Six. This gives a much needed power cut to this overpowered archetype.
Maybe now people will be less inclined to complain about the deck.

Card Trooper
Archlord Kristya
Spirit Reaper
Debris Dragon
Royal Tribute
Overload Fusion
Solemn Warning
Icarus Attack

Card Trooper makes its way up to two.
Previously being Limited for the mass abuse with Machine Duplication. It
is a Debris target and a powerful milling tool. I don’t mind it being
at two.

Archlord Kristya is quite the powerful card and while not being used much, needed semi’d anyway.

Spirit Reaper. Allows stall and a
possibility of hand destruction. With Goyo gone I imagine more people
will be using Urquizas, so this at two is no problem.

Debris Dragon deserved this. Being
limited to only Dragon type synchros wasn’t a downside in anyway. With
Black Rose and Gungnir at three, he needed to be hit.

Royal Tribute gives Gravekeeper’s
that much needed advantage over Aggro decks. This was their trump card.
At two it still allows GK’s to be a top deck, but reduces how lucksacky
they are.

Overload Fusion makes Chimeratech
slightly more viable, but still probably unreliable. Shouldn’t effect
the meta much, if at all.

Megamorph I don’t really see as being a problem. Mage Power and United We Stand are more powerful equip cards in my eyes.

Solemn Warning at two is gonna piss
off a lot of people who sold their souls for three. At three it was
crippling to whoever got hit with it first. At two it just reduces the
chances of drawing it.

Icarus Attack is a great choice for a Semi. It makes Blackwings less powerful, which was needed in the OCG meta.

Chaos Sorcerer
Snipe Hunter
Demise, King of Armageddon
Dewloren, Tiger King of Ice Barrier
Gold Sarcophagus
Skill Drain
Ultimate Offering

Chaos Sorcerer at three beckons the
return of Chaos. Which I am all for. With the power of the current
decks, a Chaos deck wouldn’t be overpowered as it was. And with the
release of Chaos Hunter, the deck will be kept in check.

Snipe Hunter at three will have no effect on the meta at all. It wasn’t a problem at all.

Demise decks are also making a
comeback. Same with Chaos Sorcerer, the meta can deal with this deck
with ease. Especially with Solemn Warning. Opening up more deck types is
a great choice.

DeLorean… I mean Dewloren comes
back to three. With the banning of Goyo, this card is a candidate for
his replacement. I will be running Urquizas over him though.

Gold Sarcophagus at three isn’t a problem either. The card is slow and will only be run at two by decks that already use it.

Skill Drain decks making a comeback
is going to be fun. With all the backrow destruction that we have now,
it won’t pose too much of a threat.

Ultimate Offering at three should make a little difference, but nothing game breaking. Good choice to come back.

And that is it for the new OCG
list, I’ll have my opinions on the TCG list when we receive it. Have fun
testing this list everyone!


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