Top 10 Tuner Monsters in Yugioh Part 1

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Top 10 Tuner Monsters in Yugioh Part 1

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As I was contemplating on what post to write, I figured I should
write another top 10, since I haven’t written one for some time. Then I
realized that though I have written a top 10 synchro monster list, I
have never written a top 10 tuner monster list despite their dominance
in Yugioh. So, here are (in my opinion) the top 10 tuner monsters in

10. Dark Resonator

For some reason, I have a huge fetish with the ‘Resonator’ tuners.
One of my decks on Yugioh Online is a Resonator deck where I swarm
Resonators on to the field and synchro summon powered monsters with
them. Anyways, the reason Dark Resonator is on this list is because it
is a pretty powerful low-leveled tuner with 1300 attack points. Plus,
once per turn Dark Resonator can negate its destruction through battle.
Its effect allows you to stall to find the right synchro material
monster you need. Plus, a synchro monster who was summoned with  Dark
Resonator gains 300 attack points.

9. D.D. Sprite

With no attack points and 100 defense points, D.D. Sprite may not
look like much but it is a great tuner monster. You can remove one
monster on your side from the field and special D.D. Sprite. That is
huge because if you haven’t normal summoned that turn, you can use your
normal summon to bring out a monster you can use to synchro summon.
Also, the monster you removed from play to special summon D.D. Sprite
returns your next standby phase, so if D.D. Sprite is still alive, you
can synchro summon it with the returning monster. This is a very
efficient monster and is amazing in D.D. decks.

8. Plaguespreader Zombie

Just like D.D. Sprite, Plaguespreader Zombie can also special summon
itself, but you have to return one card from your hand to the top of
your deck. Like I mentioned with D.D. Sprite, this is great because if
you have not used your normal you can use it to play a monster that you
can use as a synchro material monster. The reason I like Plaguespreader
Zombie better than D.D. Sprite is because you can easily normal summon
level four monsters, which in turn allows you to bring out level six
synchro monsters (most notably, Goyo Guardian).

7. Black Salvo

While tuners such as Plaguespreader Zombie and D.D. Sprite create an
opening for a synchro summon by brining a monster to their owner’s hand,
Black Salvo allows for an instantaneous synchro summon. The moment
Black Salvo is summoned, you can special summon a level four dark
machine monster from your graveyard. Then, a lightning fast synchro
summon! With Black Salvo, you can synchro summon monster such as Black
Rose Dragon, Ancient Fairy Dragon, and as Black Salvo is run in machine
decks, Power Tool Dragon could be an option as well. A big downside to
this monster though is that it is not really splashable in many decks,
since there are not a lot of dark oriented machine decks (the only one
that comes to the top of my head is Ally of Justice).

6. Mist Valley Soldier

Mist Valley Soldier is a
great tuner monster. Not only is it a level four tuner, which when tuned
with a level four monster (the most common monster level) allows you to
synchro summon powerful level eight synchro monsters. Mist Valley has a
pretty good attack stat with 1700 attack points, but its effect is
stellar. It can return a monster back to the owner’s hand if it is not
destroyed by battle after battling Mist Valley Soldier. That allows you
to return extremely powerful cards, such as the Yubels that are not
destroyed by battle, back to their owner’s hand which is clutch if those
monsters are throttling you.

Numbers 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 one will be revealed on part 2 of this list.


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