Yugioh Blog’s Top 5 Posts of 2010

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Yugioh Blog’s Top 5 Posts of 2010

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2010 has come to an end! Before I start with the post, I wish everyone a happy new year and I hope you guys had a great holiday!

Statistically, 2010 was a gargantuan year for Yugiohblog. I had
212,000 visits this year, almost four times as much as the 68,000 I
received throughout 2009. Just like I did in last year’s New Year’s Eve, I want to take everyone down memory lane and see what five posts were the most popular in 2010:

5. Yugioh Dark Armed Dragon VS. Judgement Dragon

This was the first and most popular ‘VS.’ post in Yugiohblog. I
compared to monsters, Dark Armed Dragon and Judgement (based on power,
deck compatibility, artwork, etc…) and selected which one was strongest
of the two.

4. Top 15 Strong and Easy Monsters to Summon

The longest set of posts I’ve ever written, Top 15 Strong and Easy
Monsters to summon looked 15 monsters that were not only helpful to many
decks, but that could be brought out with ease as well. Tribe Infecting
Virus was the number one on this list.

3. Top 5 Monster Archetypes

Overall, these three posts combined for a whopping 300 comments! Top 5
Monster Archetypes was about what the name suggests: the five most
lethal and deadly monster archetypes in Yugioh. The X-Saber archetypes
was number one on this list.

2. Strongest Yugioh Monster Card

This post may not have gotten as many comments compared to part 1 and
3 of the Top 5 Monster Archetypes but, it is at number two because it
is ranked at #4 in the top content page in my stats tracker. Strongest
Yugioh Monster Card looked at monsters who not only had great effects,
but great stats as well. I concluded that while Yubel TUN was the
strongest monster in Yugioh effect-wise, Five Headed Dragon was the
strongest in terms of “overall package.”

1. Cards Everyone Should Have In a Deck

Not only was this post the most-commented post of 2010, it was the
controversial as well (wink, wink). This post was about cards I thought
would be a big help to any type of duelist, advanced or beginner.
However, choices such as Rush Recklessly and Poison of the Old Man made
this post infamous!


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