The Evolution of Yugioh Dueling Mechanisms

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The Evolution of Yugioh Dueling Mechanisms

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he way characters have dueled since the creation of the original
Yugioh series as evolved a lot. From duel boxes to d-gazers, every new
season seems to introduce a new dueling mechanism. Here is a timeline of
duel mechanisms that Yugioh characters have utilized throughout the
history of the show.
1. Duel Ring

The duel ring was a large table-like machine that has place holders
for cards. There is an area for two players’ graveyards, field spell
zones, and 10 card zones: five for their spell/trap cards and the other
five for monster cards. The duel ring was also the first mechanism that
allowed duel monster cards to be viewed holographically. Because of
this, the duel ring was a pioneering technology in the Yugioh series.

2. Duel Disk

Though it was created late in the Duelist Kingdom arc, the duel disk
becomes the primary way of dueling for the rest of the original Yugioh
series as well as the Yugioh GX series. Its functionality is the same as
a duel ring, except it is portable. Personally, duel disks are my
favorite dueling mechanism due to its sleek design.

3. Duel Runner

Perhaps the most advanced dueling technology, the duel runner is the
primary dueling mechanism in Yugioh 5Ds. It is basically a bike with
duel disk technology incorporated within it. One can even put the duel
runner in autopilot so that they can focus completely on dueling. Duel
runners can also go to very fast speeds, making the duel extremely fun
and exhilarating.

4. D-Gazer

d-gazer is an eye tool introduced in Yugioh ZEXAL that allows the user
to view the duel in 3D when used with a duel pad, which is another sleek
form of the duel ring. Besides allowing 3DÂ view-ability, the d-gazer
allows the user to mess around with their surroundings as well, similar
to a virtual simulator.


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