OCG meta September 2011

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OCG meta September 2011

Mensagem por dracofu em Sab 13 Ago 2011, 18:37

This is my prediction for OCG meta in 2011

Tier 1:

Dark World
Tech Genus
Frog Monarch
Gadget Offering
Karakuri DS Beat

Tier 1.5

Six Sam
Hero Beat
X Saber
Grave BF
Agent Angels
Machina Fortress

Allow me to explain. Basically everything in the current OCG meta will drop to tier 1.5

I can almost predict the format will be a speed-ish format if Solemn Warning gets limited.

So, why is everything tier 1 of this format, suddenly drops down to tier 1.5 next format?

Basically because of Dark World Dark World Dark World.

Once again, Konami has made a new broken ass theme that should be played everywhere.

The combination of DW Lightning + Grapha fucks up every single anti meta strategy there is no matter if it is Hero Beat, or WWBF, or even X Saber!

X Saber wont really be tier 1, sadly, because if you set Darksoul or Emmersblade, your opponent will just Lightning and Grapha it, regardless what it is. If you wanna avoid DW Lightning, you need to normal summon Emmesblade face up, but then your opponent can just Grapha it. Once the deck cannot access other cards from your deck, like Faultroll then you will GG.

Nothing in X Saber can get over Grapha either unless you have Faultroll, Boggart, tuner in hand ready
This means i have alot of modding to do for my lovely Sabers =)

Then they have access to either Breakers or Rykos to further simplify every single move the control player wants to take advantage of.

Oh yeah, Grapha is a problem card alright.

TG is gonna be fine because its searching options keep them alive to DW. It isnt as broken as DW but it has sort of decent matchups versus DW if you manage to outspeed them. If you drop a Stardust backed up by a BTH, you can safely control the field. Wonder Magician is good to control your opponent's Gates etc. And Power Gladiator is a decent card

I chose Frog Monarch because this deck has the BEST matchup vs Dark world. haha no further explanation needed.

Lightlords is a pure assumption as we can almost predict the unbanning of Black Luster Soldier. BLS + Beckoning Light = LOL

I actually think Karakuri that DS built has potential to top because of its speed and non reliance of trap cards.

Gadget Offering seems decent too as they have the power to outspeed DW. Any deck that can outspeed DW should do decently.

I put 6 sam in tier 1.5 because although they make Shien, it is easy for DW to have multiple discard fodder. you can negate my Lightning but can you negate my Dealings? You can negate my Grapha in vain with Magatama but can you prevent an attack when i special summon it back? Even if your opponent is lucky enough to prevent all this in one turn, how will they be able to survive next turn when all their resources are depleted.

GKs are there because there still will be ppl playing them and Royal Tribute is good vs any deck except DW. DW is Konami's answer to Royal tribute and if you think you can go into any tourney with Royal tribute you should think again, because your chances of meeting DW is going to be very high because the deck is cheap, and many people will be thinking the exact same thing.

Grave BF is there because it is too slow vs DW and other decks are WWBF and Hero Beat are self explanatory.

Agent Angels + Machina < DW and we all know that already.

I didnt mention Junk Dopple as i am unsure how Konami will hit it. It may stay strong, it may not.

Reborn Tengu variants in the TCG will still rule. Blek.

So, the new tech card of the new format? DD Crow!! Or Transmigration Prophecy.

This card will fuck DW and says no to Lightlord, Frog Monarch etc.

It can even screw Sabers but i think that is irrelevant because i can just exceed Leviair the Water Serpent and bring my Darksoul back.

This might very well be the new Effect Veiler for OCG.

Anyway do you think it is too early for me to write this?

I dont think so, the new banlist is gonna be out in 2 to 3 weeks time.

Thats all for today, thank you for reading! And remember this is just my predictions, feel free to comment or share your opinions, maybe i missed out on a deck or two.

PS: No GB is not going to be strong at all at the start of the format while it is stablising because DW will rape it end of story.


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